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Innovation is what drives ST IT Cloud, thinking outside the box, breaking paradigms, creating strategies to open new paths and go beyond!

We started in 2009 combining expertise in software development projects with Business Intelligence solutions.

In 2012, we demonstrated a unique ability to serve customers using Cloud solutions.

Today, ST IT Cloud offers complete consultancy for modernization, data integration and cloud migration with a certified team that uses methodology and services that add value and generate results.

“We live today, what the market projects for the future”

Mauricio, CEO


Our trajectory

trajetório ST IT

Find out what our principles are

ST IT Cloud aims to add value and deliver results to its customers, based on leadership principles, we convey ideas that favor teamwork and contribute to individual development.

Leaders fulfill their commitments without delay and without excuses, knowing that more than their word may be at stake. They act responsibly, assuming their mistakes and recognizing teamwork.

Leaders act as problem solvers. It is essential to solve problems quickly and efficiently, looking for alternative solutions that can achieve the result. The best solution is not always the first solution designed.

Leaders know that FOCUS is the key to productivity. By working without distractions, focused on the activity at hand, leaders develop terminatives. They also know what is the most important activity to focus on in the present moment and do not waste energy on activities without a pre-defined strategy. The best solution is not always the first solution designed.

Leaders are tireless in the continuous pursuit of knowledge. They seek to share in the best way, enabling the professional evolution of everyone who is close to them.

Putting yourself in his shoes, showing empathy and interest in his difficulties is our greatest motivation. Our customers will always have important challenges to rely on our team. These challenges must be faced with great responsibility and transparency in order to generate a relationship of trust, guaranteeing more and more job opportunities. The best solution is not always the first solution designed.

Leaders are not concerned with the level of complexity of a project, they delve deeply into that challenge, take the activities for themselves, assume the owner's gaze and come out on the other side.

Leaders mediate conflicts in a practical and objective way. Conflicts are resolved in a preventive manner, with teamwork and division of individual and collective difficulties.

Leaders always contribute so that communication reaches everyone involved in the process. A good leader thinks completely and speaks completely, as well as being excellent listeners.

Do more with less. Constraints encourage ingenuity, self-reliance, and invention. Extra points are not gained for increasing the number of employees, budget or fixed expenses.

Professional excellence can be achieved at any career level in which the professional finds himself, but we only reach a high level of quality at work when we know exactly what we are doing, when we question ourselves if that solution is the best and when we are confronted in our decision-making. Leaders are not worried that people will question them about their decisions, as they have the domain and knowledge to defend their ideas.

Leaders expect and demand innovation and invention from their teams, always finding ways to simplify. Attentive to the outside world, they seek new ideas everywhere, without using the excuse of “it was not invented here”. As we are always innovating, we know that we can remain misunderstood for a long time.

Leaders are tireless in obtaining results, which, when fully achieved, leave a feeling of well-being and mission accomplished, motivating us to move forward.

To think small is to settle for little. Leaders communicate boldly and inspire results. They think in a different way and look for innovative solutions to solve problems.

Leaders work in a preventive manner, ensuring that the focus is on the possibilities of preventing problems.